Martina Nehrling
The Watershed Project
Let's collaborate! I want to give you my artwork...

wa•ter•shed (noun) - turning point, defining moment, breaking point

For donations, as of now until further notice, totaling $150 (or more!) to Rock the Vote, Voto Latino, and/or the League of Women Voters, I will send you a piece of your choice from the Watershed series. (I will also continue this giving exchange for donations to the previous selection of organizations: the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and/or the Natural Resources Defense Council)

Forward your donation confirmation message via email and let me know which piece you wish for me to send and where. I will honor the requests in the order they come. Please feel welcome to share news of this project with anyone who might be interested. Thank you!

Martina Nehrling is not affiliated in any manner with the above mentioned organizations or any of their programs, projects, or websites.

Soak, Stroke, Scratch, a three person show at Melanee Cooper Gallery, Chicago, March 2019

Saudade, a solo show at Kathryn Markel Fine Arts, February/March 2018
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Over & Over, a group show at Glass Curtain Gallery, Columbia College Chicago, November through February 2018

•Read interviews about my studio practice at, The Art of Improv, and In Conversation with Martina Nehrling

Seduced by the formal complexity of color, I revel in its emotive slipperiness and enjoy mining its controversial decorativeness. The inextricability of these aspects unique to color continually spurs my engagement. Tuned to the vivid and continuous absurd disparities of daily life, I weave visual rhythms—resonant, discordant, muscular, mellifluous—in patterns akin to currents and eddies, note taking, list making, pixilation and mapping. I use multiple distinct brushstrokes for their staccato quality and graphic directness, and employ highly saturated chroma for its insistence, its unapologetic hysteria, its mirth and its madness. With this tensile language I explore what it means to be here, musing or ranting in lush celebration, high-pitched lament, or raucous rebellion.

Born in Indianapolis, I live and work in Chicago.

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