Exhibitions & Projects

Exhibitions & Projects

Affordable Art Fair, NYC
featured by IdeelArt September 2022, New York, NY
Threaded Together, a curatorial project by Lynn Manilow hosted by Alma Art & Interiors and Oliva Gallery, Summer 2022, Chicago, IL
Seattle Art Fair, featured by ZINC Contemporary, Summer 2022, Seattle, WA

•Represented by Kathryn Markel Fine Arts, ZINC Contemporary
and IdeelArt
•Artist collaborator with Art Story

The Art of Improv, and In Conversation with Martina Nehrling

Negotiation 1, DETAIL, 30H x 34L in., acrylic on canvas | ZINC Contemporary

In a compositional language of maximalism my work reflects our abundant access to information and entertainment that is at once the privilege and burden of contemporary life. The era of social media and rabid consumption of streaming content has amplified the 24 hour news cycle. Intensified political divisions, the pandemic, and my own aging further raise the stakes in the constant decision making of daily life. In order to function effectively with some agency, amusement, and aplomb I approach as a negotiator.